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Bolivia wants to put in Russia, beef, cocoa beans, coffee and chestnuts, according to the Rosselkhoznadzor the results of negotiations with representatives of the National service for safety and quality of agricultural products of Bolivia.
19 March
The American company Walmart for the year filed six patent applications relating to the use of drones in agriculture, according to Reuters. It is assumed that the drones will be able to reduce the amount of used pesticides without sacrificing yield and help in the pollination of plants.
19 March
By 2050 the world population will increase to 9 billion people. To provide the population with food the volume of their production will have to increase by 70%. As it is now produced and consumed food?
19 March
Program subsidized rail transport of grain to equalize prices in the domestic market may be not only extended, but expanded, the Ministry of agriculture suggests to subsidise in addition to the rates and services operators for the provision of grain wagons during transportation of products from the regions of the Siberian Federal district to the ports. According to preliminary calculations, this benefit could cost the budget up to 3 billion rubles.
19 March
The Russian agricultural sector needed specialists for this purpose in the national open universities of the Department of digitalization of agriculture, said at the conference "precision farming 2018" the Director of the Department of development and management of state information resources of the Ministry of agriculture Igor Kozubenko.
18 March
21 - 22 March
Агросезон - 2018
05 - 08 April
ДальПищеПром - 2018
11 - 13 April
Агроуниверсал 2018
Ставропольский край, г. Михайловск
17 - 19 April
Выставка продуктов питания и напитков InterFood St. Petersburg
25 - 26 April
9-я международная выставка халяльной продукции «Moscow Halal Expo 2018»
Второй век подряд известнейшая немецкая фирма занимается производством семян технических культур, которые, так уж совпало, являются и самыми прибыльными для российских фермеров. Давайте познакомимся с этой компанией и узнаем, кто и как может заработать на продукции из семян от Штрубе.
Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev at session of the government of the Russian Federation stated that Russia could take the first place in the world in wheat exports and second in exports of grain as a whole.
16 March
According to the updated final data of Rosstat, the gross harvest of sunflower seeds in Russia in 2017 amounted to 10.48 million tons VPD, which almost corresponds to estimates of analysts of IA "APK-inform", made a month earlier
19 March
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