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The price of gasoline and diesel, 25.07.17
The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 25 Jul 2017
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Stocks of gasoline are very close to export parity prices, and this circumstance will contribute to their stabilization in the foreseeable future.


Prices of stock exchange transactions with gasoline Ai95 konsolidiruyutsya in the range 43 000 +/- 500 R/t (for the national index), gasoline Ai92 – range 41 000 +/- 500 R/t.


Actually, this is happening today. After a powerful two-day correction, the price drop was Ai95 at 43 170 R/t, Ai92 – 41 390 R/t.




June unmotivated rise in gasoline prices was partially repaid by deliveries from Belarus. Just for June and the 24th day of July in Russia shipped from Belarus 20.7 thousand tons of gasoline. This contributed to the situation on the Russian and foreign markets. As soon as the stock price SPIMEX closer to the export version of Belarusian producers parity, as immediately started the transaction on the basis of Zlynka–export.

Just on the exchange in June was 6 thousand tons of deals with Belarusian gasoline. In July, due to the divergence of prices turnover decreased to 1.8 thousand tons, and after July 6 have stopped. Suggestions Ai92 on the basis of Zlynka-export at a price 42 650 R/t become "no-go" for the Russian market.


In addition to trading on the Russian market supplied with gasoline and directly. According to the railway Department in Russia during the period June-July 2017 imported from Belarus 20.7 thousand tons of gasoline. The geographical distribution is as follows: 40% settled in the Bryansk region, 24% in Smolensk, 15% – in Leningrad, 8% in Kaliningrad region, at 4% to 5% in the Moscow, Belgorod and Orel regions.


In the overall structure of supply in these regions the share of Belarusian gasoline is small, about 1%, but for Bryansk reaches 24%, Russia 12%, Kaliningrad – 5%. In the Moscow region on a commercial tank farm unloaded 800 tons of gasoline from Belarus.


In the segment of diesel fuel, despite the capital adequacy of processing, to the Russian market in June-July received the Belarusian diesel in the amount of 45.7 thousand tons, which can be explained only logistical benefit. The regions of supply are about the same – Bryansk, Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Leningrad region, with the Belarusian share of the resource from 8% in the Leningrad region to 15% in Smolensk.


Prices of stock exchange transactions settled at an average level of 35,000 R/t and will presumably stay here, although the usual award of the order 1 500 - 2 000 per ton the sellers do not have. And this factor will be present and eventually lead stock indices in the premium area.


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