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The price of gasoline and diesel, 27.07.17
The Russian fuel market. Daily review. 27 Jul 2017
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According to the AGN. "Algorithm", Russia has reduced the export of gasoline in the first half of 2017 at 1.1 million tons to 2.5 million tons compared to the same period of 2016.

I think the main reason lies in the General reduction in the production of gasoline due to the loss of profitability of the refinery. I will remind, for January-June at the Russian oil refineries, according to Rosstat produced 18.2 million tons of motor petrol, which is 840 thousand tons less than in 2016. However, the seasonality of exports has not been disrupted. In the winter months – January, February – when excess fuel in the domestic market and high premiums in foreign markets, sometimes reaching 4000 R/t, petrol a good is exported. In the summer season there comes a fall in exports because of the premium already internal areas. As you fill the market with gasoline and overflow it in the autumn days, the export increases again.

In the structure of exports is dominated by commodity of gasoline. Its share in the total volume is 78%, and from year to year it remains unchanged. 21% of the gasoline is exported under the name "for industrial purposes" and 1% as "straight".

In the list of the countries-importers of the Russian gas formally present the average of 20 countries. Half of them are former Soviet republics. Their aggregate share of total exports of gasoline is 35-40%, and are the largest importer of Kazakhstan with a share of about 15-20% and Kyrgyzstan with a share of 8-10%.

The remaining 60-65% of gasoline go to 10-12 foreign countries, among which are the Netherlands with a share of 40%, and Italy with a share of 10%. It is for these two destinations has declined drastically shipment of gasoline. In the direction of the Netherlands at 600 thousand tons, Italy – 300 thousand tons, while total exports decreased by 1.1 million tons.


The second day as the price of gasoline and diesel fuel are adjusted on the slide. Most dramatically, 230 R/t, lowered prices of high-octane Ai95. Ryazan, Samara, Omsk showed a decrease of 300 R/t and more. The decrease in swept through almost all refineries. There are quite a mysterious failure at 2270 R/t at the Achinsk refinery. But the deal with one car is not an indicator of market price, besides, probably, erroneous. It's rare, but not excluded.

Gasoline Ai92 when bi-directional movement of the prices of transactions the average remained at the level of the previous day.

Transaction prices with diesel fuel has also been adjusted for a fall. But this effect of the inertia of the market. Due to the increased cost of oil netback for diesel has increased to 37,000 R/t with the stock index of about 36,000 R/t. If the differential will grow or stay at current levels, the manufacturers have every reason to warm up diesel prices on the exchange.

Oil acutely and responded quickly to the increase in netback, rising on average by 300 R/t.

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