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Harvest in the Rostov region is nearing completion.
Agrarians harvested about 8 million tonnes of new crop.
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The harvesting campaign in the Rostov region close to completion. The villagers had processed at least 25% from the General harvesting areas. Don agrarians harvested about 8 million tons of grain. About IA REGNUM have informed in the Ministry of agriculture and food of the region.

"Fish farmers in several southern and Central areas of the region are at an advanced stage. However, in the North there are areas where removed today, 50-60% of the area. Now it is important to use every Sunny moment and in the shortest time to collect their harvest", — quotes the head of Department Konstantin Nachalovskoe press service.

Leaders of the harvest growers began Sal, Zimovnikovskiy and zernogradskogo area. These same areas also lead in terms of gross collection. The greatest productivity can boast farmers Bagayevskaya and zernogradskogo area.

The Ministry drew attention to the fact that the quality of grain in 2018, higher than last year.

Earlier, the Donskoy, the Minister of agriculture and food, questioned the leadership of the Rostov region at harvest in Russia. No record the region can leave the drought. In 2017 in the Rostov region was a record — agrarians harvested 13.5 million tons of grain.

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