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The grain crop in the Rostov region of about ten million tons.
The grain crop in the Rostov region this year will be about 10 million tons, grain quality will be higher than last year, according to the government of the region.
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The Governor of the region Vasily Golubev held a meeting of the Commission on sustainable development of economy of the Rostov region, social stability and monitoring the implementation of the may decrees of the President of the Russian Federation.

According to him, today the harvesting of early grain has been completed by 80% of the area with an average yield of 33 tons per hectare. "It is estimated that the grain harvest this year in the Rostov region will reach 10 million tons. The quality of grain is projected to be above last year", — stated in the message.


Golubev noted that the current harvest will be somewhat smaller than the records of the last two years, but much higher average results in 6-8 million tons and even higher record 1991, when it was collected 9.5 million tons of grain.

Earlier, the Minister of agriculture of the region Konstantin Rafalowski reported that within three months of the growing season crops (April-June) in the region fell more than 30% of normal precipitation, and in some areas there was an absolute drought.

The index of production of agricultural products for the first half amounted to 128,5%. This result is achieved by growth of production volumes of meat, milk, as well as earlier compared to the previous year, the harvest of grain crops.

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