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The Voronezh region has received the first million tons of grain.
Farmers of Voronezh oblast after the harvest of 27.3% of the area threshed first million tons of grain with an average yield of 32.8 tons per hectare, said on Monday the government of the region.
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Voronezh farmers by the end of 2017 gathered from the fields of 5.5 million tons of grain, setting a record for the region. This year it is planned 4 million tons of wheat and 5.5 million tons of sugar beet.


"As of July 30, the region produced the first million tons of grain. All threshed grain and leguminous crops 397,5 thousand hectares or 27.3% of total harvesting area (1456,6 thousands of hectares), with a yield of 32.8 centners from hectare", — stated in the message.


As noted by the regional authorities, to harvest grain crops in the region began in the first decade of July, however, due to the constant rain from July 15 to 24, the works were practically stopped.

"After the cessation of rains the farmers have resumed harvesting at an accelerated pace. Today filled up to 79.5 thousand tons of seeds of winter crops, or 48% of the needs (167 thousand tons). On the qualities tested 32% filled seed, 99% of the tested seeds are certified", — informs the regional government.

In addition, according to him, in the area harvested of $ 235.2 thousand tons of hay and 417 thousand tons of haylage, which is 59% and 81% of the needs.

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