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Field diary: on the don collected nearly 9 million tons of grain.
Agrarians of the Rostov region has collected more than 8.9 million tons of early grain and leguminous crops from an area of 2.7 million hectares, higher than 86% of all harvesting areas.
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- Today we can say that the early grain harvest is surely drawing to a finish, - commented on the progress of harvesting the first Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Victor Goncharov. Five districts of the Rostov region – myasnikovskaya, Neklinovskiy, Egorlykskaya, Tselinsky and Remontnenskiy is already finished harvesting of early grain crops.

Close to completion of harvest the farmers also Zavetinskiy, Sal, sea of Azov and the Proletarian areas.

Leadership in terms of gross collection surely holds a Zernogradskiy district, which attracted 630 thousand tons. Salsk farms are now in second place: they gathered 595 thousand tons. Closes the three leaders in terms of gross collection of Zimovnikovsky district, there are more than 565 thousand tons.

The highest grain yield at this time is noted in the Bagaevsky district (44,8 kg/ha) and Zernogradskogo area – 44,3 kg/ha. in three districts – Zelinska, Myasnikovsky, Pescanokopskoe – it is more than 40 kg/ha.

It is worth noting that in addition to the harvest of early grain crops don farmers are harvesting other crops, including vegetable crops. Simultaneously with the cleaning work in the farms is preparing the soil for sowing of winter crops for harvest in 2019.

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