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To limit the export: why the grain market may start a fever.
Increased due to crop failure, the demand for Russian wheat may provoke a shortage of grain on the domestic market.
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The poor harvest and increased demand for Russian wheat has generated fears that, if not to limit its exports in the domestic market soon, a shortage occurs and, as a consequence — the rise of prices. Oinformation FCS, on August 15, 2018, the grain exports amounted to 6.8 million tonnes, which is almost 46% higher than last crop year 2017/2018, while its yield of 0.4 million opustilsya below last year's level.

Given the significant reduction in forecast for the new crop (from 120 million tonnes to 103 million tonnes), the pace of grain exports would be reduced. This proposal, in particular, came from the Minister of agriculture of the Crimea Andrei Ryumshina, but, according to "Kommersant" with reference to its sources in Russian agriculture Ministry, the restriction of export of grain is not discussed.

Recall, the growth of exports in the grain market there is for the same reason that the export growth of petroleum products: the rise of the dollar and increased demand. But in the pursuit of big profit exporters has created tension in the oil market. It is possible that, if not addressed, similar events will happen on the domestic grain market.

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