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In Ukraine on 21 August collected 38.9 million tons of grain
As of August 21, 2019 Ukrainian farmers spent the harvest of grain and leguminous crops on an area of 10.0 million hectares or 65% of the forecast. So, produced 38.9 million tonnes of grain with an average yield of 39.0 t/ha. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of agriculture.
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In particular, we collected:

- early grain and leguminous crops - to 38.9 million tons from the area of 9.9 million ha or 99% of the forecast;

- buckwheat - 2.0 thousand tonnes area of 2.0 hectares, or 3%, with an average yield of 12.6 t/ha;

- millet - 31 kt, with an area of 17 thousand hectares or 19% with an average yield of 17.8 t/ha.

Canola harvested 3.1 million tons from an area of about 1.25 million hectares, or 99% with a yield of 24.9 t/ha.

Technical crops - sunflower, consensus 5.8 million hectares are threshed on the area of 10,0 thousand ha, in particular, collected 15,0 thousand tons of grain at an average yield of 14.4 t/ha.




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