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Belarusian farmers harvested over 1 mln tonnes of corn
Belarusian farmers harvested more than 1 mln t of corn grain, BelTA reports with reference to operative data of the Ministry of agriculture and food.
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According to information on October 24, corn harvested in Belarus with 972,4 thousand hectares, representing 87.1% of the area. Plan harvesting corn for grain made of 75% harvested 1,091 million tons at a yield of 77.5 t/ha For silage and green fodder corn removed from 831,6 thousand hectares, accounting for 89.6% of planned.

Continues cleaning of grass forage. Planned 9,168 million tonnes harvested 8,174 million tons of fodder units (89,2%). On a conditional head of cattle laid of 26.15 centners of fodder units. Belarusian agrarians harvested 11,136 million tons of haylage (85.7% of plan) 860,1 thousand tons of hay (90.7 per cent), 16,657 million tonnes of silage (91%).

The productivity of vegetables and sugar beet than last year. Vegetables are harvested on average 270,6 C. 1 ha (of 228.2 kg/ha on the same date last year). Harvesting plan in the agricultural organizations made by 79.3% (removed to 4.92 hectares, collected 140,5 thousand tons of vegetables). Sugar beet contains almost 3.5 million tons of root crops with a yield 488,8 kg/ha (458,7 kg/ha on the same date last year). Stayed clean for less than a quarter of the space. At the expense of the state order sold more than 1.7 million tonnes of sugar beet that 82.9% of the plan.





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