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More than 120 million tonnes will be grain harvest in Russia in 2019
The grain harvest in the country is projected at 121 million tons in 2019, reports TV channel "24 Yakutia".
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This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a state Council meeting today, December 26.

"Grains, for all the forecasts, again, go for high score — about 121 million tons", – he said.

The head of state stressed that the annual grain harvest of over 100 million tons trend becomes stable.

According to him, in 2018 were collected 113,3 million tons, in 2017 – more than 135 million tons, despite the fact that a record harvest in the territory of the RSFSR in the Soviet times, in 1978, amounted to 127,4 million tons.


source: http://yk24.ru




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