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The harvest of rye in Russia in 2019 fell to the lowest level in more than a half-century
The harvest of rye in Russia in 2019 was the lowest since 1965 due to the reduction in acreage to a record low 850 thousand hectares, according to a review Center for agrobaltika subordinate to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation. Last year Russia harvested 1,428 million tons of rye, which is 488 thousand tons (25.4%) lower than a year earlier.
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According to "Prozerno", on 21 and 28 February, the average price of food rye in the European part of Russia grew by 295 rubles, to 15,015 thousand roubles per tonne (EXW, VAT 10%). In the Centre prices rose 625 rubles in the Chernozem region - 250 rubles, in Siberia, at 835 rubles per ton, and in other regions remained stable.

"Center agrobaltika" also noted that the harvest of buckwheat in Russia last year was the lowest over the last five years due to the reduction of acreage and declining crop yields in some regions. Production of buckwheat in Russia in 2019 amounted to 786 thousand tonnes to 146 thousand tonnes (or 15.7%) lower than in 2018.

As reported, the agriculture Ministry plans to resolve this imbalance and to increase this year, the area under rye to 200 thousand ha, buckwheat - by 52 thousand hectares.

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