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Vladimir Beketov can become the Senator from Krasnodar territory
Place Yevgeny Gromyko, who will go to work in the Ministry of agriculture will be released next week
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The Chairman of legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region Vladimir Beketov in the near future may become a Senator, ranking Evgeny Gromyko, who will go to work in the Ministry of agriculture according to "Izvestia", citing several sources in the legislative Assembly and the state Duma. In a press-service of legislative Assembly it's not officially confirmed, but said that such information is indeed available.

"In the next week the Senator from legislative Assembly of the Krasnodar territory Evgeny Gromyko will be appointed Deputy Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev. Is discussed and its place in the Federation Council is the Chairman of legislative Assembly of edge Vladimir Beketov", have informed "news" sources.

To get a comment from Vladimir Beketov has failed, in its press-service "news" stated that similar questions asked and regional media, but they have information about the plans of the speaker do not have.

Vladimir Beketov heads the legislative Assembly since 1995. His career, the native of the State farm (1949), made on the party line, becoming first Secretary of the Komsomol Committee, then — Secretary of the party organization of the collective farm, the instructor of the Krasnodar regional Committee of the CPSU. Since September 1980, he headed the assumption of the Executive Committee, and in December 1991 he was appointed head of the administration of Uspenka area. In late 1994, he was elected member of the legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region of the first convocation, and in 1995 became the first Deputy head of administration of the region on issues of agricultural development, while remaining a Deputy of the regional Parliament. In December 1995 he was elected Chairman of the legislative Assembly and since then was elected member and Chairman of five convocations.

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