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Russia agreed with Turkey's conditions for the supply of beef.
Russia and Turkey have agreed on the terms of Russian exports of beef for the supply of the necessary business interest, told journalists on Tuesday the representative of the Rosselkhoznadzor.
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"We agreed on the certificates... conditions are created. Further, much will depend on the interest of the business," said the representative.


"All the conditions for the supply of beef from our side and agreed on their part, too, because we have signed the relevant documents and agreed on veterinary certificates, so technically this is what is needed for the start of deliveries. For the next step necessary interest of the business," he added.


The representative of the Ministry also noted that Russia is interested in export of beef. In particular, according to him, the new markets are looking for one of the largest agricultural holdings Miratorg.

Russia and Turkey have some time to discuss the beginning of the Russian exports of meat, including beef and poultry. The Minister of food, agriculture and livestock of Turkey Ahmet ESREF Fakibaba in mid-March, said that Ankara does not exclude the granting of permission for the import of meat from Russia, but the volume of potential supply will be small.

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