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Bryanskselmash signed an agreement with the Government of the Saratov region and the Saratov state agricultural UNIVERSITY.
30 may 2018 on the campus of Saratov state agrarian University named after N. I. Vavilov ZAO SP "Bryanskselmash" and the government of Saratov region signed cooperation agreement.
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At the same ceremony, the opening of the training center ZAO SP "Bryanskselmash".

The ceremony was attended by: Deputy Chairman of the government of the Saratov region Alexey Strelnikov, Deputy Director General for commercial issues of ZAO SP "Bryanskselmash" Denis Kohlani, Minister of agriculture of Saratov region Tatyana Kravtsev, General Director TD "Polesye" Michael Svitnev, the head of the inspection of the Gostekhnadzor of the Saratov region Nikolay Chentsov, rector of the Saratov state agricultural UNIVERSITY Nikolay Kuznetsov, Vice-rector for research, Professor Igor Vorotnikov, Director of the UNPO Volga Fedor Chetverikov, heads of departments, teachers and students of the Saratov state agricultural UNIVERSITY.

Corporate agroklass equipped force TD "Polesye". - official dealer of the company in the Saratov region. New classrooms have received modern multimedia equipment, a fully equipped educational and methodological materials of the company. For effective conduct of practical classes, the University also transferred to the combine harvester "DESNA POLESIE GS10".

Participants and guests got acquainted with the training center, visited the exhibition and went for a memorable photo next to the equipment ZAO SP "Bryanskselmash". At the conclusion of the opening ceremony the floor was given to the UNPO Director of "Volga" Fedor Chetverikov, who spoke about the practical part of the training of students and work on technique "Bryanskselmash".

On the sidelines of the field works up to 80% of domestic equipment. Currently, in the harvest Park area of 650 harvesters "DESNA POLESIE". Policy of the Federal government and regional authorities aimed at creating favorable conditions of activities of producers of agricultural products. Saratov agricultural producers have the opportunity to buy equipment "Bryanskselmash" under the Federal lease that allows agricultural enterprises with minimum costs to update its industrial Park. Thus, the financial burden on the farmers savings, and the payback in the shortest possible time.

In 2018 the economy is planned to deliver about 100 units of agricultural machinery.

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