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In the Krasnodar region harvested 16% of cereals and legumes.
Kuban continues grain harvesting. According to operative data, as of the current date in the Kuban threshed of 268.2 hectares and the Gross harvest of 1 million 488 thousand tons of grain.
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In particular, winter barley was threshed on the area of 124.2 thousand hectares, or 98% of the target. Croppage of culture is 790 thousand tons.

Winter wheat threshed on an area of 98.2 thousand hectares or 7% of the target. The gross yield is 600 thousand tons.

Winter rapeseed harvested on the area of 2.1 thousand hectares or 13% of the target. The gross yield is 4.7 tonnes.


Only the threshing of grain and leguminous crops involved 2430 combine harvesters.

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