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Moscow and Cairo need to go to cooperate in the processing of agricultural products, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation.
Moscow, Cairo, products processing, agricultural products, Sergey Kirpichenko
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Russia and Egypt should move towards cooperation in the sphere of processing of agricultural products, said the Russian Ambassador in Cairo Sergey Kirpichenko.


"We are ready to expand the range of our exports due to the supply of meat, including. This question is somewhat more complicated because associated with product certification for medical and other requirements, but work in this regard is underway", he said in an interview to "Interfax". Egypt is a major buyer of Russian wheat.


The Ambassador noted that, "of course, you need to go then to participate in the processing of agricultural products". "Here, the parties have mutual opportunities: Egyptians for investment in this field in Russia, and Russia - for investment in Egypt," he added.

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