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Equipment for the farmer
In the office of Rosagroleasing was a meeting of Paul Kosov with the General Director of the Minsk tractor plant (MTZ) Fedor, Domotenko and General Director of Cherepovets casting-mechanical plant (OJSC "CHLMZ") Vladimir Boglaev.
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The parties confirmed their intentions to continue cooperation on deliveries of modern agricultural equipment on favorable terms of Federal leasing.

The head of Rosagroleasing Pavel Kosov said that, despite the overall decline in supply of agricultural machinery in the current year, there is a stable demand for services of Federal leasing.

In the absence of domestic counterparts in a number of industries agriculture, Belarusian equipment is in demand among small and medium entrepreneurship in rural areas, where about 90% in the list of clients of the company.

The production of "Minsk tractor plant" localized in a number of plants including OJSC "CHLMZ" and JSC "ELAZ".

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