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Massey Ferguson® introduces a new strategy of technology demonstration and announces the launch of MFeXperience Tour
Massey Ferguson®, a global brand of AGCO, has introduced a new strategy demonstration and promotion of the full range of products and services. The approach was first implemented in the framework of the International exhibition of equipment for agriculture and horticulture EIMA 2018, which opened on 7 November in Bologna, Italy.
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According to the new marketing strategy, the brand gradually abandon the traditional methods of demonstration of agricultural machinery. The focus will be moved to specialized events and targeted demonstrations to promote products and services to interested customers. The result is to transform the concept of maintaining contact with customers. In the framework of specific activities of the interested farmers, studies the possibility to replace or recharge your fleet will be able to personally assess the use of technology in real conditions of work and to meet with experts of the brand, Massey Ferguson® and dealerships.

The first steps in the implementation of the new approach can be observed at the exposition Massey Ferguson® at the exhibition EIMA in 2018, which presents two tractors, as well as the latest technology. Among the new technologies - virtual reality that will allow visitors to learn more about the full range of products.

"The constant changes in the agricultural sector contribute to the emergence of new customers and new ways of bringing products to market – says Francesco Quaranta, Vice President of sales, marketing and product management Massey Ferguson® in Europe and the middle East. – Mandatory participation in traditional industry events no longer appropriate and does not meet the needs of customers. They want to independently test equipment to verify the correctness of his choice. As a consequence, we must make sure that demonstration products reflect the vision of the company, which is reflected in the efficiency and innovative technologies and meets the needs of farmers.

If, following the strategy of the Massey Ferguson®, to present the full range of products in different models, you will need a pavilion. However, the exhibition indoors does not allow customers to test equipment and get a unique experience of interaction with the brand. Impossible to plow, to cultivate land or to harvest crops on the territory of exhibition center".

After EIMA Massey Ferguson® will follow the new concept of participation in international agricultural exhibitions such as Agritechnica and SIMA 2019 2019, offering a more targeted and personalized approach.

Also at the exhibition EIMA announced a new project – #MFeXperience Tour 2019.

"Our regular customers and potential buyers from among the visitors can request to participate in our European tour – said Francesco Quaranta. – The event will start in Italy in spring 2019 and will cover France, the UK, Germany and Spain. Participants will have the opportunity to see the entire range of models of Massey Ferguson® and learn more about services for the development and enhancement of business efficiency".

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