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The bakery on "far hectare" built entrepreneur of Primorye
The businessman from Primorski Krai Andrey A. S. shaplov found an unusual use for his "far Eastern acres": in the taiga, he built a bakery, and according to old recipes bakes bread out there.
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In his opinion, in conditions where "there is clean air and no cell service", the bread turns out "alive". However, it is not cheap. With details the correspondent OTR Maxim Godun.

Oven — around the head. How well it will protopets — so tasty and soft bread, says Builder Paul Pechkin. To build a fire, to warm up evenly the furnace is a science. Haste in this case is not needed. In this bakery do not hurry love. Doing everything thoroughly, manually — just as hundreds of years ago in Russia.

Paul Pechkin, setter: "No chemicals. It's a real honey from the apiary. Real produced national method, Sol. Well water. Whole wheat flour, made from wheat, is also grown without the use of chemicals".

Without the "chemistry" of bread is slow — dough in a large pan suitable for eight hours. Later, in forms for about an hour.

If the bread is, as they say here, "late", does not rise, it will patiently wait. Everything from mixing to finished loaves is at least half a day. At one time in a huge furnace load of up to 120 workpieces.

Plant for the production of traditional Russian bread entrepreneur Andrey A. S. shaplov opened on its "far hectare". Chose a site away from civilization.

Andrey A. S. shaplov, the owner of the bakery: "This place is clean, far from the road is. No cars here. Here even the mobile no. Clean water, clean air, nature, silence. This is basically what I needed".

On the site, Andrew built a real Russian izba, in which was placed the bakery, and bathhouse, coop, mill, dug the well. Says, only in such natural conditions, the bread turns out "alive".

— What a handsome man. Mmm, and the smell!

Its eco-grain is not cheap. To bring the goods from the remote taiga in the capital of Primorye, has to bear the serious costs, due to which its price increases to two hundred and even three hundred roubles for a loaf. But the demand is there — all their products A. S. shaplov successfully sells on the Internet. And now is preparing to open two brand bread shops in Vladivostok and Nakhodka.

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