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The UK will impose duties on imports of food after the Brexit
To protect local producers
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Britain intends to set tariffs on food imports after the country's withdrawal from the EU, said British Minister for the environment Michael Gove at the conference of the National Union of farmers.

According to him, information about "zero fees" on the import of food products is false. He stressed that the UK will use all market-based measures such as tariffs and quotas to protect local producers.

While the United Kingdom is not going to lower the quality standards demanded of the food to facilitate the conclusion of trade agreements with other countries.

Recall that a British exit from the European Union to be held on March 29. However, until now, between the British authorities and the EU leadership did not contract on the terms Brexit.

If the release date UK will not approve the agreement reached by the Prime Minister, Teresa may, it will lead to so-called "hard Brexit" — out of the EU without any agreements.

As reported IA REGNUM, February 20, the European Commission said that the EU is ready to option out of the UK without prior agreement.

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