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The Agency announced the increase of the tax on extraction of a crab
Despite the tax moratorium announced by the head of the government of the Russian Federation

The head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov reported about the preparation of the bill, assuming the tax increase for the use of the crab, the correspondent of IA REGNUM on April 4.

"We will make changes to the Tax code, and believe this is correct, it is necessary to increase the rate of fee for use of this resource. The bill now under discussion in the government", — said Shestakov during the plenary session of the state Duma.

The state Duma in the first reading discusses a bill establishing quotas on extraction of a crab. Government initiative, involving the rejection of "historical principle" has caused a wide public resonance.

Note that in 2014, the government insisted on the taxation of the extraction of snow crab, opilio. The minimum amount of tax on catch tons of crab set at 35 thousand rubles.

At the end of March 2019, the head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has promised not to raise taxes in Russia in the next six years.





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