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The early grain sown in Belarus more than 70% of the planned area
As of April 10, the early grain and leguminous crops in the Republic of Belarus was planted 642,5 thousand hectares, accounting for 73.1% of the planned area (878,9 thousand hectares). This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of agriculture RB.
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As specified, the main square at the reporting date were sown in Minsk (142 hectares, 79.2% of the plan), Brest (123,3 thousand hectares, of 98.7%), Gomel (111,1 thousand hectares, 93.7 per cent) and Grodno (104,4 thousand hectares, 77,6%). In Mogilev region by 10 April sowing of early grain was performed on 93,11 thousand hectares (57,9%), in Vitsebsk 68.7 thousand hectares (42.7 per cent).

Also the farms of the Brest, Minsk and Gomel regions have started sowing maize for grain, which is sown of 2.07 thousand hectares, or 0.93% of the planned (222,9 thousand hectares)

In General, spring sowing campaign in Belarus to April 10, was performed on 747,8 thousand hectares, accounting for 30.6 per cent of the planned area (2.44 million ha).

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