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Russia needs a unified structure agrologistika to reduce transportation costs of agricultural products
The Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev took part in the strategic session on the issues agrologistika

School of management SKOLKOVO held a strategic session "Agrologistika 2019", which discussed approaches to the development of the distribution infrastructure of the food market.

The session was attended by the Minister of agriculture Dmitry Patrushev, Chairman of VEB.Of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov, Deputy Minister of agriculture Oksana Lute, Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Yevtukhov, a member of the Board (Minister) for trade of the Eurasian economic Commission Veronika Nikishina, Director General RECs Andrey Slepnev, representatives of business, authorities and expert organisations.

The participants discussed mechanisms of solution of tasks on creation of uniform infrastructure agrologistika, which will contribute to the promotion of Russian products on global markets and ensure domestic food security.

So, it is necessary to conduct a large-scale work on modernization and increasing capacity of rail and port infrastructure, construction of logistics centers, reduce transportation costs of agricultural products.

"The theme of development agrologistika highly relevant to the decisions set by the President the task of bringing agricultural exports to 45 billion dollars a year. We need to determine the optimal configuration of the routes that the domestic production will reach foreign markets. As practice shows, to produce products is often easier than to bring her to the final consumer in the right quantities and of adequate quality. We offer the web.Russia to consider joint examination of the projects in the agricultural sector, which will be implemented with the participation of development institutions", – said Dmitry Patrushev.

In turn, the Chairman of VEB.Of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov noted: "we Have a need for the development of market infrastructure. Our citizens must receive a greater variety of quality food products at more affordable prices. Manufacturers could more effectively deliver and sell their products both domestic and foreign markets. We must learn to build mutually beneficial relationships both within the Eurasian economic Union and our other partners. Our goal is to create a globally competitive logistics infrastructure in partnership with market participants".




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