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The Ministry of transport from July 1, will allow the transit of sanctioned goods
Russian and international carriers from 1 July 2019 will be able to carry the sanctions of the goods in transit through Russia to third countries, subject to the use of electronic navigation seals. About it reported in a press release of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation with reference to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 290 of June 24, 2019.
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"The introduction of the system will allow you to use huge transit-logistic potential of the country, to increase the volume of transit for 82 thousand international traffic in the year as a whole to increase the transparency of transit", - stated in the message of the Ministry.

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation also noted that the monitoring of imported Russian sanctions goods will be carried out through a system of tracking traffic. In the first stage, the system will only work to control the sanctions of goods in the future - it can also be used for transit of other goods transported through the territory of Russia.

The first six months carriers will not be charged for the services of the overlay, removing and placing the seals on the control in the system. Also will not be subject to the penalties stated in the message of the Ministry.

"The deployment of the tracking system is a large - scale national project, which is being developed with the participation of the Federal customs service, the Federal Agency for transport supervision, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of agriculture, JSC "Russian Railways". The system will become a convenient and integrated service that will allow you how to solve state problems, and to work in the interests of business," said Deputy transport Minister Alexei Semenov, whose words are reported.

A resolution which approved the rules of transportation of cargoes of sanctions, checkpoints across the state border of Russia, and also the amount of security payment for the seals is now under consideration of the government of the Russian Federation.




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