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"Rosselkhoztsentr" held in Crimea approbation of seed crops
The specialists of "agricultural centre" as of June 21 held in the Crimea approbation of seed crops of agricultural cultures on the area of 25.5 thousand hectares. About it reports a press-service of the Crimean branch of "rosselhozcenter".
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The estimated area of testing this year — 66 thousand hectares. State task for determination of varietal qualities of seeds brought to the branch of "agricultural centre" for the year 2019 is 22.5 thousand hectares.

"The purpose of the testing is the determination of varietal purity, weed infestation of crops of non-separated crops and weeds, establishing the presence of quarantine, evil and poisonous weeds, the degree of destruction of crops diseases and pest. According to test results reveal the degree of suitability of the planting for use on seeds. Mandatory testing shall be seed crops for seed production with a view to subsequent implementation. Crops, the harvest of which will be used for their own needs, subject to registration or at the request of the manufacturer – testing", — said the head of the branch of "agricultural centre" Andrey Alekseenko.

He added that for conducting varietal evaluation seed producer in advance, but not later than one month before the start of testing, submit to the branch a request and provides documentation certifying varietal and sowing qualities of seeds sown, the legality of their receipt.

"These documents include a certified by the applicant copy of the test report, certificate of testing or certificate of compliance. For purchased seeds, the seller is obliged to issue a copy of the certificate certified by the certification authority that issued the certificate. The copy should contain information about the buyer and the amount of purchased seed," said Alekseenko.

According to him, the production of seeds for the implementation of potentiodynamic varieties, one must have registered license or sublicense agreement. When presenting a sub-license agreement is enclosed a document confirming the right of licensee to enter into a contract.

Testing does not apply to crops sown by seeds the category of Rst (reproduction seeds intended for the production of commercial products). Winter wheat zaproponowano 13.5 thousand hectares, of which the original seed (OS) and 57 hectares of elite seeds (ES) — 1298 hectares. Winter barley — 7632 hectares, of which OS is 54.8 hectares, ES — 1302 hectares.

Sainfoin category ES — 25 hectares, winter rape — 117,23 hectare. Winter camelina zaproponowano 178 hectares, of which OS-5 acres, ES – 5 hectares. Spring barley — 1849 hectares, of which ES — 25 hectares. Testing of oats conducted on an area of 106 hectares, peas — 837 hectares, chickpea — 486 hectares.

Was winter wheat – 904 hectares, winter barley — 376 hectares.




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