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For the 1st half of agricultural production in Russia grew by 1.2% - Rosstat
Agricultural production in Russia in the first half of 2019, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to 1 trillion 645,9 billion rubles, which is 1.2% more than in the corresponding period last year, according to data of Federal state statistics service (Rosstat). In June compared with June last year agricultural production increased by 1.1% to 330,8 billion.
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However, the growth rate in the first half were below last year, which accounted for 2%. The June growth, on the contrary, was higher than in June of last year - 0.8 percent.

Rosstat also reported that the harvest of this year, farms of all categories sowed grains and legumes on 46.4 million ha (0.6% more), sunflower - on 8.5 million hectares (up 5%), sugar beet - on 1.1 million ha (1.7% more), potatoes - 0.3 million hectares (1.7% less), vegetables - by 0.2 million ha (5.7% more). The area under wheat production increased by 0.8 million hectares, or 3%.

In the first half of farms of all categories produced 6.8 million tons of livestock and poultry (in live weight for slaughter), which is 1% more than last year. Milk production amounted to 15.3 million tons (1.4% more), eggs - 22.3 billion pieces (0.8% less).

At the end of June the number of cattle in farms of all agricultural producers was estimated to have amounted to 19.2 million head (0.8% less compared to the corresponding period last year), from it cows - 8.1 million years (0.4% less). The number of pigs amounted to 25.5 million heads (a 4.3% more), sheep and goat - 25.3 million (4.2% less), poultry - 563 million head (1.6% less).




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