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With the support of Rosselkhozbank "don estate" goes to the third phase of construction
The Rostov regional branch of Russian agricultural Bank and OOO "Donskaya Usadba" concluded an agreement on preferential terms of crediting of the 3rd phase of construction high-tech greenhouse complex. The volume of investments in 2019-2020 will be worth 1.7 bn RUB commissioning of the 3rd and final of the queue is expected in 2020.
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OOO "Donskaya Usadba" is included into group of companies "Technology Hothouse Growth." The holding is one of the leaders of the market of greenhouse vegetables of Russia, together 6 greenhouse complexes in different regions of Russia. The company "don farmstead" is the largest project in Rostov region. Production capacity is 11.5 million tonnes of vegetables a year. The complex was put into operation in 2018 with the support of Rosselkhozbank. Here created more than 300 jobs. TK "don farmstead" is included in the priority list of "100 Governor's investment projects". The total investment is 4.2 billion rubles.

The investments the company plans to recoup over 8 years. This will be possible through the use of its own gas fields Ternovskoe owned company. The gas is used for heating and lighting of greenhouses, water supply is through the use of groundwater resources domestic and drinking purposes.

"With the financial support of Rosselkhozbank, we managed to implement the project of construction of the first and second phases of the plant, purchase equipment, prepare the infrastructure. Now the bulk of investment will go into equipment for greenhouse offices", — said the Director for marketing UK "Technology Hothouse Growth," Natalia Fedoseeva.


"Greenhouse complex "don estate" consistently all year, 12 months, which allows the company to receive revenue and timely pay credit obligations. One can speak of a high degree of trust our client by the Bank", — said the Director of the Rostov regional branch of Rosselkhozbank Larissa Tuisheva.

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