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How to choose a watermelon?
Roskoshestvo have developed recommendations for choice of watermelon, and told where to buy berry on what to look for when buying and what characteristics of watermelon does not affect the taste and safety. This is stated in the message of the organization.
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Experts suggest first to choose the place of purchase. The best place to purchase is to buy near the cultivation fields. But not all consumers it is possible to buy the watermelon near the place of its growth, so experts advise to pay attention to grocery stores, markets and fairs, while noting that supermarkets often watermelons are very cheap, but low quality.

In Roskoshestvo reminded that in order to choose a sweet and ripe watermelon, for him to knock. It is important that the sound was not deaf and not ringing, but something average between them, echoing and resembling vibration. If the sound is muffled - the watermelon is overripe, if it's too twangy - not ripe until the end, experts say.

Then you should evaluate the appearance of a watermelon. The berries should be free of bruising and cracks. The crust should not Shine: if it is glossy - probably the watermelon is unripe, confident in Roccacasale, because in the process of maturation of the crust becomes more matte.

The watermelon rind should contain "ground spot", which should be bright yellow and the brighter, the better. As explained in Roccacasale, the stain should be only one and its color indicates that watermelon harvested in time. Color and form, on the contrary, will not affect the taste of watermelon breeding has gone far ahead and now a lot of different varieties of this fruit, experts say. Also no need to evaluate, dried up, ponytail or not, because it could dry out during the trip to the point of sale.

Experts also suggest to compress the watermelon, relying on the characteristic crack as the berry crackles when pressed only once, and this occurs most often during transport.

Check watermelon

As recalled in Roccacasale: in order to verify the quality of purchased products, the consumer is entitled to require documentation. The seller should be shipping documents and documents indicating the source of the product and confirming the quality and safety of products sold.

Already at home you can test the ripeness of a melon by dropping it in the tub. Watermelon should not sink. If it sinks — so overripe, it left the air.

"If, by cutting the watermelon you saw a lot of white seeds this suggests that watermelon fertilized with nitrates. The pulp has matured faster, and at the ripening seeds fertilizers have no effect" - are in the message words of the Director of the research Department of Roskoshestvo Liudmila Vikulova. At the same time, she said, often white seeds are the result of attempts by breeders to bring watermelon seedless. The formation of large amounts of yellow and white streaks in the pulp also can provoke the use of high doses of nitrogen fertilizers added in Roccacasale.




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