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17 districts of the Lipetsk region has begun to harvest
According to operational data of Department of agriculture of the Lipetsk region, on 18 July, when harvest is in 17 districts of the region.
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With an area of 64.3 thousand ha harvested 256,3 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops. Harvested winter wheat, barley and peas. The average yield is growing every day and already accounts for 39.8 kilograms per hectare. The leader in productivity – the Yelets district. There she is estimated to be 45.2 kg/ha. For 40 or more tons harvested in gryazinskiy, Dankowski, Dolgorukovskaya, Zadonsk, North America, Lev Tolstoy, Lipetsk, Usman terbunskiy and areas. Usman farmers also are the leaders in gross yield. On 18 July they harvested and 43.6 thousand tons.

This year in General, the various cultures in the region employs more than 1.3 million hectares. Of them 380 thousand hectares – it is winter crops, 395 thousand hectares are given under the spring grains. The area under industrial crops amounted to 454 thousand hectares, forage allocated to 66 thousand hectares.

"Today, the harvesting campaign in agriculture is just one of the cycles of the technological process, the final cycle, - said the first Deputy head of the regional administration Nikolai Tagintsev.

- In the Lipetsk region the land is almost 100% in turnover. Formed the structure of sown areas, developed a scientifically based farming system. Reference cultures can be called all grown in the region, as they are all popular in the market."




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