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Medvedev praised the campaign to harvest grain
Campaign harvest of grain in Russia is progressing well, in some regions, for example, in the Krasnodar region - at a very good pace, there are already collected 700 thousand tons more than last year, said the head of the Cabinet Dmitry Medvedev.
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"Russia is among the leaders in grain exports, for us is very important.
Moreover, now comes the harvest and it is in General a good pace," - said Medvedev at a meeting on export promotion of agricultural products on Monday."There is already a very good results - in the Krasnodar region - in any case, according to the administration.
I specifically telephoned the Governor to report: collected on July 19, almost 11.2 million tons of grain, which is 700 thousand tons more than last year", - said the head of the Cabinet.
The yield in this region is good, he continued, the figure is 61 per hectare.
"Very good also, there is a harvest here, in the Kursk region, despite the fact that weather conditions certainly are not ideal in this year", - said Medvedev.

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