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Ukraine has exhausted the quota for duty-free export of wheat and maize in the European Union
Ukrainian exporters as of 22 July 2019, have completely exhausted nine quotas for duty-free exports of agricultural products in the European Union, reported the press service of Association "Ukrainian club of agrarian business".
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According to the report, Ukraine has fully used the quota for duty-free exports of some agricultural products in the EU following products: honey, sugar, cereals and flour, processed starch, grape and Apple juice, wheat, corn, and butter.

"Significantly accelerating the closure of quotas and the revival of trade with the EU, because on the same date last year it closed seven of quotas on duty-free exports from Ukraine to the EU", - noted in press service.

In addition, the quota for exports to the EU barley used by 79%, poultry meat - 75%, malt and wheat fiber - 58%, starch - 53%.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine in 2018, completely exhausted fifteen of quotas on duty-free exports of agricultural products to the EU.

Ukraine in 2018 increased exports of agricultural products to the EU by 8.7% to 6.3 billion.




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