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Slovakia: the First identified case of African swine fever
In Slovakia the first case of African swine fever (ASF) detected in one of four pigs kept on a small farm in the village of Strážné in the district of Trebišov in the South East of the country, said Thursday the Slovak authorities.
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The farm is located 470 metres from the border with Hungary, where the Achs are massively common in boars.

Regional division of the Slovak state veterinary supervision in Trebisov ordered the killing of the pigs on the farm to be a source of infection. Around the economy created a three-kilometer protection zone and a ten-kilometer surveillance area, in which you cannot move the pigs. This area is 320 the animals, checking it out now.

African swine fever is a very fast-spreading viral disease of pigs. Sick animals are treated, and after killing they must be destroyed. ASF is not dangerous to humans.

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