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The Ministry of agriculture has developed a prototype of a system of traceability of the seed
The Ministry of agriculture is developing a system of traceability of seeds of agricultural plants FGIS "Seeds". Thanks to the implementation of the principles of the Blockchain, the marking of QR codes and control seed production at different production stages, buyers can instantly get all necessary information about seed quality, including through mobile phones.
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The Ministry of agriculture the first of the Federal authorities in the country implements the project using a distributed registry. The introduction of the Blockchain at the stage of production, certification and processing information about the seeds will ensure the protection and control of reliability of information about products, and reduce the risks of using "gray schemes" in the industry. In addition, the use of the principles of the Blockchain will allow consumers to be confident in the quality of seeds, due to the data for the current and previous generations of reproduction, the turnover in the market, export and import. The buyer will only need to scan the QR code from the package to obtain comprehensive information about the seeds.

The first step in the quality control of new generation will be recording data on the sown seeds in a single register and approbation of crops directly before they are ripe. After collection and transportation to the place of storage will be determined by crop performance seed, and in the preparation of documents the system will generate a unique batch code and labeling on the packaging.

Commissioning of the FGIS "Seed" is scheduled for 2020. This system in the future should become part of the platform traceability of all products of agro-industrial complex of Russia. The introduction of digital technology contributes to the transformation of domestic agriculture in the high-tech industry that will create agricultural products with high added value and to expand the export potential of the country.

A prototype of one of the functions of FGIS "Seeds" in terms of traceability was presented at the stand of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia in the framework held in July in Leningrad region agricultural technology exhibition "Russian field day".




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