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The secrets of delicious cheese
Milk, quality of starter culture and modern production line
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The trademark "Volga expanses" started the production of cheese fat content of 5% in modern packaging "of stabiliser". New packaging solution keeps the moisture and goodness of the product. To access and store this cheese has become much easier.

In the basis of cheese Volzhskie prostory – natural milk of the highest grade. The process of making curd grains is completely closed, which protects it from exposure to air and light, a sealed package is an additional guarantor of the preservation of all useful substances.

"The technology of making cheese is to separate the science – says the Director of the Ulyanovsk dairy plant, Roman Korzhov. – We use only premium quality milk, quality control of raw materials and carefully selected starter culture. Take into account temperature, humidity, time of ripening and much more."


Loose consistency of cottage cheese "Volga expanses" is ideal for cooking classic cheese dishes (cheese, cheese cakes, dumplings and pancakes), as well as for use in pure form with the addition of sour cream, jam or jam.

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Friday, 14 February 2020
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