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More than 255 thousand hectares of crops died in the Amur region
The crops on the area of 255 thousand hectares were destroyed by the floods in the Amur region. Breeders risk being left without feed.
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In the regional Ministry of agriculture to ensure that livestock farms need at least 320 thousand tons of roughage. You also need about 100 tons of silage and about the same amount of concentrated feed.

In the Amur region for hay and haylage allocated more than 19 thousand hectares of farmland, which seeded annual grasses and 190 thousand hectares of meadows, where grow perennials. In order to prepare silage, planted in the spring of 6.2 thousand hectares of maize.

However, due to rain most of this grass is not mowed.

If, prior to the formation of cold weather, the situation does not change, local authorities will apply to other regions for the purchase of feed.

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