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Ukrainian agrarians have threshed almost 40 million tons of grain
Farmers in 15 regions of Ukraine have started harvesting corn.
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Ukrainian farmers as of 9 September harvested 39.7 million tons of grain and leguminous crops from an area of 10 million hectares, or 66% of the forecast. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of agrarian policy and food.

In particular, early grain and leguminous crops harvested 39.2 million tons with an area of 9.96 million hectares, or 99.9% of the forecast; buckwheat – 29 thousand tons from the area of 46 thousand hectares, or 32% of the forecast; millet – 110 thousand tons from the area of 58 thousand hectares, or 64% of the forecast; sunflower – 2.5 million tons with an area of 1.2 million hectares, or 21% of the forecast.

In addition, farmers from 15 oblasts of Ukraine started harvesting corn: already trashed 281 thousand tons of grain from the area of 46 thousand hectares, or 1% of the forecast.

The press service noted that most grain farmers harvested in the Odessa and Zaporozhye areas – for 3.1 million tons, Kharkiv – 2.9 million tonnes, Dnipropetrovsk – 2.7 million tons, Nicholas – 2.6 million tons.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the harvest of grain and leguminous in Ukraine to 2018, amounted to a record 70.1 million tons. According to the forecast of Ministry of agrarian policy, in 2019, the yield can be increased by 1.5% compared to the previous year and make 71.1 million tons.

On 29 August, Parliament appointed members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, headed by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. The Ministry of agrarian policy and food was merged with the Ministry of economic development and trade into one structure - the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture, which was headed by Tymofiy mylovanov.




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