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November 5, Kazakhstan will host a conference KazOil2019
November 5, 2019 in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur Sultan again gather international and domestic experts to discuss development trends in the oilseed market in the new season-2019/20.
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The venue will be the Rixos President Astana.

Currently, the oil and fat industry of Kazakhstan is under development, demonstrating impressive results over the last decade.

What are the prospects of development of oil market of Kazakhstan?

· Retain Kazakhstan its position in the ranking of world producers and exporters of oilseeds in the new season?

· Whether there will be new favorites among oilseeds from domestic farmers and exporters?

· How the program will be implemented "Northern soybeans" and how it will load the processing capacities?

· Are all smooth in the refining segment and what are the barriers to its further development?

· What would you choose Kazakhstan market – the export of raw materials or the export of value-added products? Exports of sunflower vs export of sunflower oil!

· What will be the demand by the basic countries-importers of the oilseed raw materials and products processing?

· What culture will form the main development trends of the global oilseed market in 2019/20 MG?

These and many other questions will be raised on the third international oil conference Kazakhstan KazOil2019.

As speakers we have invited leading international and domestic experts.

Expected number of participants KazOil2019 – 200+

The conference KazOil2018 was attended by about 200 participants from 18 countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Iran, India, UAE, Europe.

Target audience: agricultural producers, agricultural holdings, processing companies, exporters and importers of oilseeds and their products, suppliers of equipment for storage and processing of oilseeds, inputs (seeds, agrochemicals, machinery and fertilizer), logistics companies, analytical agencies, banks, investment funds, commodity exchanges and brokers, etc.

Geography: Kazakhstan, Russia, other countries of the Eurasian economic Union and the CIS, China, Asia, Europe.

Languages: Russian, English.

Also please note that until September 15 the preferential price!

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