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On fields of Stavropol territory started sunflower harvesting
Average at the edge of the yield of oilseeds to 18.6 quintals per hectare.
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On the fields of the Stavropol territory started sunflower harvesting. It is reported by the correspondent of TV channel "My TV".

Brown plants and dried means that the sunflower has reached a certain ripeness. This year, experts explain, felt sunflower yield strength weather.

"The year was tough and dry. We have rain went after the sunflower withered. So the middle we have an empty,” — said the chief agronomist of the farm Eugene Chursinov in conversation with the correspondent.

Tighten with the harvest already ripe culture is dangerous: Parastaev, baskets themselves may fall, reducing productivity. Harvesting periods of sunflower oil affect the culture.

In one of the farms Shpakovsky district sunflower sown about a third of the land — 650 hectares. The yield of the fields reaches to 15 tons per hectare. In the region, according to the Ministry of agriculture, sunflower sown 285 thousand hectares in Stavropol fields. Cleaning has already started in 8 districts and urban districts of the Stavropol territory. The average yield on the fields to 18.6 quintals per hectare.

"First the harvest started the next urban districts and municipal districts: Petrovsky, Trunovsky, Kursk, ipatovskiy, kochubeevsky, Mineralovodsky, Izobil and Krasnogvardeyskaya" — said Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Stavropol territory Andrey Oleynikov.

Most seeds per hectare removed in the Izobilnensky district. There the yield reaches 25.6 quintals per hectare.




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