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In Kazakhstan grain reserves reached 5.1 million tons
According to the statistics Committee of the Ministry of national economy of Kazakhstan, on September 1, stocks of grain and leguminous crops in the country was estimated at nearly 5.1 million tons. As previously reported, "КазахЗерно.kz" at the beginning of August in Kazakhstan had more than 3.4 million tons of grain.
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In particular, at the beginning of the month, the wheat stocks were estimated at nearly 3.41 million tons, including food and 3.78 million tons of seed – 131,5 thousand tons of coarse – 1.11 million tons.

Also by the beginning of September were available 1.27 million tonnes of barley, 17.8 thousand tons of rye, 116,6 thousand tons of oat, 21.6 thousand tons of corn, 28 tons of rice, 19.5 thousand tons of buckwheat and 4.2 thousand tons of millet.

Note, in the country at the beginning of September it was produced 5483,8 thousand tons of grain, against 2678,1 thousand tons last year.

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