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Of ASF in Poland per million reduced the number of pigs
In 2019 veterinary services 46 confirmed outbreaks of African swine fever, some of which occurred on large farms. It was necessary to kill tens of thousands of pigs. The number of pigs in Poland fell to a level slightly less than the 10.8 million head.
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According to preliminary data compiled and processed by the Main statistical office (GUS), the number of pigs in Poland in June 2019 consisted of 10 780,5 thousand heads that, in comparison with June of last year, a decrease of 8.9%. Experts from GUS added that the decline in number has occurred in all the production-consumption groups of pigs.

Pre-generalized results of representative research of the pigs and production of pork Zhivkov cover all the farms, in the form of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, as well as a randomly selected individual farms (30 thousand farms in the sample are about 2%). Recall that in March 2018, the number of pigs was 11 992,2 thousand individuals in the Dec - 11 027,7 thousand

Confirmation of ASF on a farm means having to kill all the pigs contained therein. In 2019 confirmed 46 cases of ASF in pigs and 1729 from wild boars.

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