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Regions brought to farmers 71.2 percent of Federal subsidies
As of 26 September under the Federal budget funds transferred to the regions totaling to 115.2 billion.
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From these funds the regions brought to final recipients 82,0 billion, or 71.2 percent of the prescribed volume, which is 4.7 percentage points above the level of September 19, 2019.

Level of dissemination to agricultural producers subsidies for the provision of support in the field of crop production is 91.9 per cent, subsidies on productivity in dairy cattle – of 92.9%.

For transferring the funds to farmers currently in the lead of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (96,0%), Vologda region (93,7%), Kirov oblast (92,9%), Altai Krai (92,7%), the Republic of Buryatia (92,6%), Zabaykalsky Krai (91,0%), Irkutsk oblast (90,5%) and Saint Petersburg (90,5%).

The lowest rates are observed in the Republic of Ingushetia (19,1%), Sevastopol (26,9%), Rostov region (40,8%), Astrakhan region (51,0%), Amur region (51,4%), the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (52,1%), Jewish Autonomous region (52,3%), Tula region (52.8 per cent), the Republic of Dagestan (55,7%), Tver region (55.8 per cent), Karachay-Cherkess Republic (59,0%), Volgograd region (59.4 per cent) and the Republic of Crimea (59.6% of).

The question of bringing state support to agricultural producers is under constant control of the Ministry of agriculture. To ensure timely budget funding for farmers, the Ministry operates with heads of subjects of the Russian Federation and the regional agricultural administrative bodies.





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