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In pursuit of artifacts beer: Baltika celebrated Oсtober Beer Festival 2019 in the city of Rostov-na-Donu
On Saturday, October 12, at the brewery "Baltika" in Rostov-on-don noted VI Oсtober Beer Festival (18+). The organizers of the annual autumn feast, invited the guests to go on a quest through the maze of the plant to find a rare beer artifact and learn about the production of quality beer in Russia.
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Brewery, the organizers have turned into a large festival space, creating the atmosphere of the famous beer festival. From the first steps the guests were able to plunge into the world of Bavarian tradition and take photo in beautiful girls in traditional German outfits.

In the course of thematic tours through the maze of the brewery the participants were told how to create a variety of high quality beer for Baltika. They learned that in its history, varieties, the company has received more than 670 awards of Russian and international tasting competitions. For example, the Bavarian variety in the line of "Baltika 8" —winner of prizes in New Zealand, the UK, Russia, USA, Kazakhstan and Germany, and lager "Baltika 7", which refers to the dortmunder style, first brewed in the eponymous town in North Rhine. Today "seven" know and love in 55 countries on five continents. Quest participants listened with interest about the strict requirements that apply to the equipment and manufacture license of sorts to "the Baltic sea", including German lager, Holsten.

Having donned the role of collectors of beer artifacts, guests answered questions and performed tasks, adding to the store of knowledge about the history of beer. Having joined the Bavarian tradition of guessing the contents of the suitcase brewer, they found out why each camp there is a part of Carlsberg. All thanks to the opening of the laboratory workers of the company Emil Hansen's pure yeast culture in 1883. By the way, the scale pH also his appearance is obliged to the laboratory of the company — it was created by a chemist søren of Sorenson.

To pay tribute to the main tradition of the Bavarian festival and enjoy excellent beer in a warm and cheerful company are all participants Oсtober Beer Festival! The company's experts explained to visitors how to properly taste a variety of varieties, providing details about each of them. Guests were able to enjoy Vienna lager "Baltika 4", porter "Baltika 6", wheat beer "Baltika 8", the entire line of soft "Baltika 0". Flavour complemented the brand that the company produces under license, unfiltered Carlsberg Pilsner Unfiltered Wild.

Catherine, a visitor of the tour: "to Spend the Sabbath day in the brewery "Baltika" - a great idea. Thank you for diving into the world of beer festivals and traditions. For me, the October beer festival is a warm and fun atmosphere, beautiful girls in Bavarian costumes, the company's experts, who taught us the secrets of brewing, and of course delicious beer. Discovered new varieties, which with pleasure will try again".

Oсtober Beer Festival noted and other factories of "Baltika" in St. Petersburg, Tula, Voronezh, Yaroslavl, Novosibirsk, Samara and Khabarovsk.


Photos from events all over Russia can view your social networks via the official hashtag #visitbaltika. To sign up for a regular tour of the production in the factories of "Baltika" can be the link (18+).

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