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In the grain belt of Kazakhstan cleaning prevent to finish the rain
In the main granaries of the country – Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions — the harvesters stopped harvesting, and in the coming days forecasters predict precipitation in the form of snow.
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Today in these areas and harvested 4960 4765,9 thousand tons, respectively. Removed a little more than 99% of grain fields, notes "КазахЗерно.kz".

In total, according to the Ministry of agriculture, on October 17 in the country removed 15153,7 thousand hectares, which is 99.3% of the grain area. With an average yield of 12.7 t/ha harvested 19181,1 thousand tons of grain harvest-2019.

The summer season this year was quite hot and dry, which caused reduction in grain yield. In addition to abnormal heat, while harvesting was observed prolonged precipitation (altogether 15-20 days), which affected grain quality and yields.

According to preliminary calculations of the Ministry of agriculture, this year the harvest of grain and leguminous crops may reach almost 19 million tons in bunker weight, which is 2 million less crop 2018.





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