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AGROSILA increased the share of export outside the Russian Federation in 2,5 times
AGROSILA evaluated the preliminary results to increase the share of exports. Its volume by 2018 amounted to 269 million roubles in cash.
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According to the General Director of CJSC "agrosila" Svetlana Barsukova, the plans for 2019 to send abroad goods worth 446,6 million. "The planned supply for the year is estimated at 49.6 thousand tons of products produced by enterprises of the Holding. A large part of the export destinations remain at JSC "Zainsk sugar" that carries supplies to the Republic of Lithuania, Estonia and Cyprus – first of all, granulated beet pulp and molasses-molasses. However, we can note the growth of sales of poultry by 2.5 times compared to 2018. In particular, started deliveries to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Vietnam, negotiations with potential partners in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Malaysia," - said Svetlana Barsukova.

According to her, at the end of 2019 a 10 fold increase of deliveries outside of Russia sausages. For this purpose, in particular, is working to expand the geography of sales in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia. On the agenda of a question on inclusion of the enterprises of AGROSILA in the register of Russian companies allowed to export to people's Republic of China - particularly for dairy products and poultry. "We consider possibility of deliveries abroad of wheat and barley. Some impetus for growth will ensure the development of Halal direction. In the nearest plans of the Holding company to export Halal products to South-East Asia — China, Hong Kong and Malaysia," - said Svetlana Barsukova.

The total export geography of the Holding today as follows: production of poultry meat produced by enterprises of the holding are supplied to Kazakhstan and Vietnam, finished goods sent to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania and Cyprus. Plans AGROSILA for 2020 – to expand the list of partner countries.

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