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In January-September in Northern Kazakhstan issued agricultural products to 509,5 billion tenge
The volume of gross output of agriculture in January-September 2019. made 509,5 billion tenge, which is more than in January-September 2018. 2.6%.
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Were sold for slaughter all species of livestock and poultry in live weight of 71.7 thousand tons (103,2% compared to January-September of 2018.), milked cow's milk – 471,9 million tonnes (101,6%) obtained chicken eggs – 627,9 million units (101,9%), — stated in the press release of the regional management Committee statistics.

Food production increased by 20.2%, including unrefined plant oils – in 2,3 times, processed liquid milk and cream – 22.7%, crackers and cookies – 12.4%, pasta – by 8.4%, flour – by 7%, sausage products – by 6.5%. The production of mineral water and soft drinks has risen by 13%.

The volume of investments in fixed capital in January-September 2019. amounted to 152,7 billion, or 110% compared to January-September of 2018. The main source of financing investments in fixed capital are own funds of managing subjects (70,1% of total investments). The priority sectors for the development of fixed capital investment were agriculture, forestry and fisheries (51,7%), transport and warehousing (12.6 per cent), industry (11.7 per cent).

In January-September 2019. the volume of industrial production in current prices was 173,1 billion tenge, which is 1.5% more than in January-September 2018. In mining industry production volume amounted to 2.5 billion tenge, and manufacturing output reached 125.5 billion, the electricity supply gas, steam and air conditioning 37.1 billion tenge, the water supply and Sewerage system, 7.9 billion tenge.

In January-September 2019. the volume of construction work performed in the amount of 58 billion, or 98,2% to January-September 2018. Completed construction of 496 new buildings, of which 445 51 residential and nonresidential use. The total area of commissioned residential buildings amounted to 99450 square meters or 116,4% to January-September 2018. The average actual cost of 1 square meter of total area of residential buildings was 106.8 thousand tenge (in January-September 2018. – 85,9 thousand tenge).

The volume of retail trade in January-September 2019. made 176,2 billion, or 103.4% compared to the corresponding period in 2018. The share of food products in total volume of retail trade is 28.9%, nonfood goods – 71,1%. The volume of wholesale trade amounted to 254,6 billion, or 100.5% compared to the corresponding period in 2018. In the structure of the wholesale trade is dominated by manufactured goods and products of production-technical purpose (80.6 percent).





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