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Agrarians of the Rostov region has collected more than 12 million tons of grain
In the Rostov region officially announced the results of salmostoma. In the region gathered more than 12 million tons of grain. This is 900 thousand tons more than the year before.
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Particularly proud of in the region for those that don "loaf" is 90% of wheat.

In addition, in the area grew crops of sunflower and vegetables. Increases milk production. There are prospects for development in various sectors of animal husbandry. Going to increase the production of local products under the brand "Made on the don".

As emphasized by the regional authorities, the don region provides not only food security, but also the whole of Russia. The argument cite only one figure: last year, Rostov oblast exported agricultural products to $ 5.4 billion. In the framework of the national project "international cooperation and exports," by 2024, the region must increase exports of agricultural products to 7.7 billion dollars.

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Thursday, 01 October 2020
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