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"Yug Rusi" is now closer to Africa
The summit "Russia – Africa" is the first in the history of Russian-African relations in the event of such a level.
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The forum was attended by African heads of state, representatives of the Russian, African and international businesses and government agencies, as well as representatives of integration associations of the African continent.

Business program of the two days were very eventful. The founder of the company "South of Russia" Sergey Kislov took part in the meeting on the theme "Sustainable partnership in the agricultural sphere: institutions, instruments, guarantees". Russian companies in recent years actively developing the export of agricultural products and foodstuffs to foreign markets. Today Russia is among the ten largest food suppliers in Africa. In his speech, S. V. Kislov said: "We are present on the African market for over 25 years. Basically, we worked with the countries of North Africa - O. But the farther, the more we see the need to move across the continent and in Central Africa and South and by the Indian Ocean, where we have, today. And we are ready to supply high-quality basic goods such as grain, sunflower oil.

And ready to participate in joint projects with African companies." "Unfortunately, we do not know enough about each other. On our current needs and opportunities. And, of course, many thanks to the organizers of this forum for the opportunity to make this barrier less and to establish a new communication." – Said Sergey Kislov

In the framework of the forum an exhibition was organized, which presented the products of GC "Yug Rusi". Participation in the forum allowed the "Yug Rusi" to install dozens of promising new contacts, which in future will help to bring together the economies of Russia and many African countries.

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