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Putin: the State will increase funding of the health sector
The state will increase funding of the health sector, said the President of the Russian Federation, the leader of the popular front Vladimir Putin at a public meeting in Kaliningrad region.
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Financing of health at a meeting with the head of state raised the expert of the popular front Alexander Lisachenko. He also proposed to consider the possibility of redistribution of funds to liquidate accounts payable medical institutions. "Many medical institutions debts transferred from the former leaders," – said the expert of the onf.

In response, Putin said that the new leaders of organizations first need to solve the problems they face. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to take into account the realities, the President added: "we Need carefully analyze what has caused this financial obligations – they arose from the bungling or due to some objective reasons? This also happens. On this basis, to build an appropriate financial relationship. But they generally must meet certain standards that all managers of health care institutions is well known. We can all perform, but so falsely you can't write off because it lowers the level of financial discipline as a whole."


"With regard to the financing of health care in General, then of course, we must and will continue to increase. If this year we have 3.7 percent of GDP, next year will be 4.1 percent of GDP. In many countries more than 4%, but the tax burden more," – said Putin.

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