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Manufacturers asked the government to allocate funds to one of the key programs of support of Russian factories specialized engineering
Association "Rosspetsmash" sent on behalf of Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Kozak in the letter, which was signed by dozens of leaders of companies specialized engineering. Manufacturers have asked the government in 2020 to allocate an additional 1,104 billion rubles. to Finance order No. 547.
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The program operates from 2017 and provides discounts on specialized equipment or the equipment of domestic production. Among the participants, including the company food engineering.

In connection with the introduction in order No. 547 qualification among manufacturers of food processing equipment and road construction equipment, almost every other factory producing food machinery and participated in the program in 2018-2019, the so-called waiting list. In fact, in the absence of additional funding, this means the refusal to grant a total volume of 1,104 billion rubles.

This situation will entail bankruptcy of small and micro businesses, and will lead to increased socio-economic tensions in the industry.

"Dear Dmitry! We ask You to personally intervene in the situation, to instruct the responsible Executive branch to provide for financing of Resolution No. 547 in 2020 in the amount of 1,104 billion, to amend the resolution, which will allow to pay a subsidy to producers is included in the waiting list and to hold a meeting on the development of food machinery in Russia at any convenient time", - said in the letter.

Order No. 547 is one of the effective measures of state support. In 2016-2018 manufacture of machinery for the food processing industry in Russia has grown on 52%, the share of Russian companies on the domestic market reached 42%, and exports increased by 54%.

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